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Stratford, Ontario, Canada


Tree: herborth

Latitude: 43.369141, Longitude: -80.98126


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Betts, Nellie Lillian  16 Apr 1911Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3297
2 Cosstick, Alice M  1901Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2269
3 Cosstick, Edith  20 Apr 1878Stratford, Ontario, Canada I750
4 Cosstick, Florence M  1902Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2270
5 Cosstick, George Henry  21 Jun 1884Stratford, Ontario, Canada I753
6 Cosstick, Leonora  13 May 1881Stratford, Ontario, Canada I751
7 Cosstick, Sarah Ann  6 Apr 1880Stratford, Ontario, Canada I396
8 Headley, Viola Elizabeth Caroline  Jun 1905Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2286
9 Headley, William John  Sep 1906Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2287
10 Headley, William John Matthew  1878Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2285
11 Herborth, Lyle Gordon  10 Jun 1948Stratford, Ontario, Canada I012
12 Herborth, Ronald Gerald  17 Apr 1945Stratford, Ontario, Canada I003
13 Hoffmeyer, John  08 May 1835Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2300
14 Horst, Lynda Ann  1947Stratford, Ontario, Canada I130
15 Lowe, Brenda  1953Stratford, Ontario, Canada I1426
16 Lowe, Ernest Edward  1920Stratford, Ontario, Canada I398
17 McKone, Raymond Allen  27 Aug 1932Stratford, Ontario, Canada I150
18 Scherbarth, Ray Edwin  1941Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2026
19 Sippel, Lorne Henry  7 Nov 1925Stratford, Ontario, Canada I048
20 Wilcox, John James  6 Jul 1867Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2335


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Isabella Scrimger  1927Stratford, Ontario, Canada I377
2 Ballantyne, Howard  09 Sep 2008Stratford, Ontario, Canada I776
3 Bauer, Emilie Caroline  4 Apr 1967Stratford, Ontario, Canada I1970
4 Becker, Katherina Elizabeth  12 Sep 1914Stratford, Ontario, Canada I995
5 Billo, Donald Raymond  19 Feb 1976Stratford, Ontario, Canada I1830
6 Billo, Gordon Francis  22 Jul 1995Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3310
7 Cosstick, Charles Thomas  1942Stratford, Ontario, Canada I747
8 Cosstick, Richard Samuel  26 Nov 1962Stratford, Ontario, Canada I754
9 Dawe, Edith May  1 Apr 1933Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2340
10 Dench, Alice Maude  1974Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3378
11 Dench, William Thomas  9 Apr 1933Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3379
12 Eckert, William Alfred  8 May 1959Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3006
13 Freier, Anna Maria  Stratford, Ontario, Canada I1151
14 Gordner, Franz  12 Dec 1940Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3011
15 Gordner, Pearlanna  5 May 1970Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3017
16 Hoffmeyer, Andreas  26 Sep 1943Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2496
17 Hoffmeyer, Catherina  1 May 1930Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2529
18 Holmes, Albert  1933Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3411
19 Kalbfleisch, George S  1 Jun 1891Stratford, Ontario, Canada I064
20 Kaufmann, Lorne Henry William  1 Feb 1995Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2739
21 Kipfer, Marie Elizabeth  19 Dec 2010Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3095
22 Knoke, Amelia Wilhelmina  4 Jan 1930Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3020
23 Lees, Alice Perrin  1972Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3410
24 Lees, John Perrin  19 Jul 1913Stratford, Ontario, Canada I376
25 Lees, John Perrin  15 May 1964Stratford, Ontario, Canada I411
26 Lowe, Ernest Edward  1975Stratford, Ontario, Canada I398
27 Morenz, William Frederick  1942Stratford, Ontario, Canada I1592
28 Mowbray, Mabel Irene  31 Dec 1999Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2391
29 Neill, Jean T  22 Jul 1922Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2336
30 Noble, Murray  26 Nov 2006Stratford, Ontario, Canada I088
31 Pike, John  21 Dec 1901Stratford, Ontario, Canada I402
32 Roy, Jean  09 Sep 2009Stratford, Ontario, Canada I226
33 Scherbarth, Charles William  27 Mar 2009Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2048
34 Scherbarth, Ida  14 Aug 1977Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2040
35 Sippel, Earl John  31 Dec 1999Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2390
36 Sippel, Maria Rosetta  1 Sep 1994Stratford, Ontario, Canada I726
37 Sippel, Sidona Louise  7 Oct 1939Stratford, Ontario, Canada I685
38 Weitzel, Waltermer John  14 Mar 1999Stratford, Ontario, Canada I3091
39 Wettlaufer, Harry Edard  9 Sep 1991Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2413
40 Wicke, Gottlieb Ernst  7 Dec 1915Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2107
41 Wicke, William Heinrich  22 May 1932Stratford, Ontario, Canada I2136


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Betts / Smith  9 May 1908Stratford, Ontario, Canada F607
2 Cosstick / Scully  27 Feb 1900Stratford, Ontario, Canada F735
3 Holmes / Lees  8 Oct 1913Stratford, Ontario, Canada F1022
4 Lowe / Lees  29 Sep 1917Stratford, Ontario, Canada F040
5 Pike / Cosstick  8 Sep 1898Stratford, Ontario, Canada F012
6 Weitzel / Sippel  4 Jun 1919Stratford, Ontario, Canada F236
7 Wilker / Lange  29 Sep 1926Stratford, Ontario, Canada F856

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