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Ontario, Canada


Tree: herborth

Latitude: 43.5835743986167, Longitude: -80.419921875

Tree: FTM Synch Tree

Latitude: 46.0215, Longitude: -81.739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Maria Elizabeth  15 Oct 1830Ontario, Canada I2479
2 Maria Elizabeth  15 Oct 1830Ontario, Canada I2389
3 Brunke, Conrad  20 Nov 1881Ontario, Canada I1140
4 Brunke, Conrad  20 Nov 1881Ontario, Canada I1116
5 BUDDENHAGEN, Edith Ida Maria  May 1881Ontario, Canada I732
6 BUDDENHAGEN, Edith Ida Maria  May 1881Ontario, Canada I822
7 Cosstick, Robert Henry  1 Jul 1876Ontario, Canada I838
8 Cosstick, Robert Henry Clearland  1 Jul 1876Ontario, Canada I749
9 Edwards, Alfred  1858Ontario, Canada I3417
10 Edwards, Amy  1865Ontario, Canada I3637
11 Edwards, Charles  1850Ontario, Canada I3415
12 Edwards, George  1854Ontario, Canada I3418
13 Edwards, Jemina Alice  1848Ontario, Canada I3416
14 Edwards, Mary Jane  1852Ontario, Canada I3419
15 EDWARDS, Reuben  1 May 1876Ontario, Canada I3289
16 Edwards, Rueben  1 May 1876Ontario, Canada I3421
17 Edwards, Sarah Henrietta  1861Ontario, Canada I3422
18 Edwards, William Taylor (Billy)  31 Aug 1876Ontario, Canada I3621
19 Freier, Mary  Abt 1855Ontario, Canada I666
20 Freier, Sophia Maria  24 Feb 1857Ontario, Canada I017
21 Freier, Sophia Maria  24 Feb 1857Ontario, Canada I417
22 Freier, William  Abt 1862Ontario, Canada I668
23 French, Sarah Elizabeth  2 May 1866Ontario, Canada I3401
24 French, Susannah Elizabeth  14 Dec 1856Ontario, Canada I3398
25 French, William  15 Apr 1862Ontario, Canada I1542
26 French, William  15 Apr 1862Ontario, Canada I1513
27 Gamble, David  1879Ontario, Canada I3798
28 Gamble, James  1877Ontario, Canada I3796
29 Headley, Edward  Abt 1890Ontario, Canada I3427
30 Headley, Eveline  Abt 1885Ontario, Canada I3426
31 Headley, Jannie  Abt 1873Ontario, Canada I3424
32 Headley, Mary  Abt 1875Ontario, Canada I3425
33 Herborth, Maria  6 Mar 1870Ontario, Canada I024
34 Herborth, Maria  6 Mar 1870Ontario, Canada I424
35 Hoffmeyer, Andreas  10 Oct 1872Ontario, Canada I2496
36 Hoffmeyer, Andreas  10 Oct 1872Ontario, Canada I2656
37 Hoffmeyer, Catherine  1851Ontario, Canada I2480
38 Hoffmeyer, Catherine  1851Ontario, Canada I2390
39 Hoffmeyer, Charles F  4 Jul 1855Ontario, Canada I2483
40 Hoffmeyer, Charles F  4 Jul 1855Ontario, Canada I2393
41 Hoffmeyer, Conrad Michael  25 Dec 1870Ontario, Canada I2494
42 Hoffmeyer, Conrad Michael  25 Dec 1870Ontario, Canada I2654
43 Hoffmeyer, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1864Ontario, Canada I2492
44 Hoffmeyer, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1864Ontario, Canada I2652
45 Hoffmeyer, Henry G  Jun 1853Ontario, Canada I2481
46 Hoffmeyer, Henry G  Jun 1853Ontario, Canada I2391
47 Hoffmeyer, Herman  13 Jul 1874Ontario, Canada I2497
48 Hoffmeyer, Herman  13 Jul 1874Ontario, Canada I2657
49 Hoffmeyer, Isabella  13 Mar 1869Ontario, Canada I2493
50 Hoffmeyer, Isabella  13 Mar 1869Ontario, Canada I2653

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUDDENHAGEN, Edith Ida Maria  11 Apr 1949Ontario, Canada I732
2 BUDDENHAGEN, Edith Ida Maria  11 Apr 1949Ontario, Canada I822
3 chowen, Emma  6th Mar 1915Ontario, Canada I3631
4 Chowen, John Dawe  28th Feb 1866Ontario, Canada I3626
5 Chowen, Thomas  28th Nov 1866Ontario, Canada I3630
6 Dawe, Richard  Abt 1850Ontario, Canada I845
7 Haber, George  1845Ontario, Canada I1303
8 Haber, George  1845Ontario, Canada I1225
9 Herborth, Maria  13 Aug 1946Ontario, Canada I024
10 Herborth, Maria  13 Aug 1946Ontario, Canada I424
11 Hoffmeyer, Anna Maria  1 Nov 1904Ontario, Canada I2519
12 Hoffmeyer, Anna Maria  1 Nov 1904Ontario, Canada I2679
13 Hoffmeyer, John B  5 Mar 1946Ontario, Canada I2491
14 Hoffmeyer, John B  5 Mar 1946Ontario, Canada I2651
15 Hoffmeyer, Mary Elizabeth  4 Feb 1924Ontario, Canada I2489
16 Hoffmeyer, Mary Elizabeth  4 Feb 1924Ontario, Canada I2399
17 Hofmeyer, Anna Christina  1868Ontario, Canada I2464
18 Hofmeyer, Anna Christina  1868Ontario, Canada I2375
19 Pike, Elizabeth  14 Oct 1901Ontario, Canada I645
20 Pike, Elizabeth Jane  14 Oct 1901Ontario, Canada I588
21 Sippel, Emerson Henry  1967Ontario, Canada I202
22 Wilker, Anna Catherine  1899Ontario, Canada I3075
23 Wilker, Anna Catherine  1899Ontario, Canada I3029
24 Wilker, Christina  1891Ontario, Canada I3071
25 Wilker, Christina  1891Ontario, Canada I3025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Isabella Scrimger  Ontario, Canada I327
2 Burrows, Victoria  Ontario, Canada I1164
3 Dawe, Caroline  Ontario, Canada I834
4 Edwards, George  Ontario, Canada I1331
5 Edwards, Naomi  1871Ontario, Canada I1336
6 Freier, Sophia Maria  Ontario, Canada I417
7 Harborth, Johann Christian Daniel  Ontario, Canada I418
8 Herbert, Lavina  Ontario, Canada I434
9 Herborth, Christlieb  Ontario, Canada I416
10 Herborth, Marie Jane  Ontario, Canada I433
11 Herborth, Norman  Ontario, Canada I445
12 Kalbfleisch, Mary Elizabeth  Ontario, Canada I2371
13 Kalbfleisch, Mary Elizabeth  1871Ontario, Canada I2371
14 Lees, John Perrin  Ontario, Canada I326
15 Murphy, Sarah  Ontario, Canada I716
16 Pike, Elizabeth Jane  Ontario, Canada I588
17 Pike, George  Ontario, Canada I345
18 Pike, Jane  Ontario, Canada I1328
19 Pike, Jane  1871Ontario, Canada I1328
20 Pike, John  Ontario, Canada I352
21 Reeves, George  Ontario, Canada I715
22 Thompson, Etha Jane  Ontario, Canada I1169
23 Tompkins, William Henry  Ontario, Canada I1167
24 Tompkins, William Richard  Ontario, Canada I1163
25 Weitzel, Heinrich  Ontario, Canada I465


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hoffmeyer / Becker  18 May 1858Ontario, Canada F331
2 Hoffmeyer / Becker  18 May 1858Ontario, Canada F330

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